The Art of the Label: the newest lot of the Michele Chiarlo Wine Club

The Art of the Label: the newest lot of the Michele Chiarlo Wine Club

Michele Chiarlo is dearly attached to his “labels.” Both in the sense as a bottle of wine that expresses Piedmont’s best crus, and also as an aesthetic “dress” that depicts the spirit of the wine to the outside world.

For Michele Chiarlo, what his wine labels look like have always been of the highest importance. Over the years, this has led him to cultivated friendships and partnerships with esteemed artists to create beautiful labels that showcase the wine and the territory. Of all these, one particular artist stands out for his 40-year friendship with Michele Chiarlo that has resulted in such a repertoire of work for the winery that he often jokes that he is “unsure if it was he that created Michele Chiarlo, or if its Michele Chiarlo that created him.” This artist is none other than the acclaimed Giancarlo Ferraris.

This new lot celebrates both their friendship and the undeniable artistry of Ferraris’ wine labels. Wine connoisseurs will truly appreciate this collection. Alongside the wine bottles, the lot includes the gorgeous coffee-table book, Semidivite, il segno dei filari arancioni. The book explores Michele and Giancarlo’s long and fruitful partnership, sharing anecdotes and tales behind some of the winery’s most iconic and internationally-awarded labels.

Nizza Docg Riserva La CourtWhat does the lot contain?

  • 1 Bottle of Rovereto Gavi Docg2018 – this Gavi is made from the most historic cru in the appellation.
  • 1 Bottle of La Court Nizza Docg Riserva 2015 – this is the first release of La Court as Nizza Docg. Unmissable.
  • 1 Volume of S Il segno dei filari arancioni – A coffee-table book that explores the 40-year friendship and artistic collaboration between Michele Chiarlo and Giancarlo Ferraris.
  • 1 exclusive boxset with a reproduction of one of Giancarlo Ferraris’ pieces.




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