Cannubi is perhaps the most famous hill in Italy, the most celebrated and prestigious vineyard with the Barolo designation. Historically, it is the oldest Italian cru, given the recognition in 1752. Everything here is perfect: the altitude, exposure, the soils, the layout and microclimate result in a Barolo at the top of the designation.

Michele Chiarlo has owned the vineyard since 1989. Set in the historic heart of Cannubi (where the “ciabot” is found, or rather the ancient shack of Cannubi) on a steep slope which, under the guidance of the Swiss University of Changin, was terraced using turfed embankments. A delicate job that today guarantees the integrity of the land and fights against hydrogeological disruption.

The terraces of Cannubi, the first to be realised within the cru of Langa, contribute to improving the exposure of the grape vines and, combined with the maniacal attention given to the vineyards, produce a paradigmatic Barolo.

Grape variety:Nebbiolo


Extension:1 Ha approximately

Exposure:South, south-west

Altitude:240 m s.l.m.

Year planted:1958-1990

Soil:A mixture of Tortonian and Helvetian calcareous marl of a basic pH with over 30% sand, poor in organic matter, but rich in microelements such as iron and magnesium

Sustainability and care for the land:The Cannubi Cru is part of the V.I.V.A. "Sustainable Wine" project which Michele Chiarlo has adopted to improve and monitor its own environmental impact and sustainability across the entire chain

Core Zone Unesco:The Cannubi Cru is in found within one of the 6 core zones which comprise the fiftieth UNESCO site in Italy: The Viticultural landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, were declared World Heritage Sites in 2014

  • Barolo DOCG Cannubi

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