Palás Cerequio: experience the best crus in Piemonte

Palás Cerequio: experience the best crus in Piemonte

The Relais Palás Cerequio is in one of the 6 core zones which comprise the fiftieth UNESCO site in Italy: The Viticultural landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, were declared World Heritage Sites in 2014.

Palás Cerequio rises at La Morra, the ancient village from which it takes its name, at the centre of one of the areas best suited to the production of Barolo, one of the most prestigious wines in the world.

‘Palás’, a Piedmont word which means palace of luxury, is the first Relais dedicated to the Barolo crus. From the architectural design to its furnishings, from the works of art placed here to the selection of wines and gastronomic offerings proposed by the eponymous restaurant found inside, from the spectacular views of the vineyards up to the smallest architectural detail, everything at Palás Cerequio recounts the history and the passion for wines of quality.

Cerequio & Tartufo

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Palás Cerequio expresses its essence permeated from the Barolo through two languages: Past and Future.

Past Inside the paternal palace, originating from the eighteenth century, the four suites dedicated to the «Past» immerse its guests in an almost atavistic atmosphere. Each suite carries the name of a historic Barolo cru and a selection of bottles from their respective zones preserved in a glass display recessed in the wall: Cerequio, Cannubi, Rocche di Castiglione, Villero. Each room is furnished with pieces inspired by the baroque elegance and charm of Piedmont.

Future The style is minimal and natural, unfinished and precious materials (Lucerne stone and oak logs), breathtaking views and a private wellness spa area. The «Future» area of Palás Cerequio offers total immersion in Barolo through a multi-sensory experience. Each suite is dedicated to celebrated crus, whose labels are presented in special display showcases: Vigna Rionda, Bussia, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Ginestra and Brunate. Images of the land complete the experience in a loop, music created ad hoc, a selection of volumes about Piedmont and decorative stakes from the vineyard.

The art of Barolo

At Palás Cerequio, Barolo is the main protagonist and accompanies the guests in a journey towards well-being, inwardness, luxury and art. The walls of the Palás recount the most emblematic Barolo crus through the works of Giancarlo Ferraris, a painter forever connected to Michele Chiarlo and creator of his most celebrated labels. Alongside the paintings, the showcases of the Palás display the soil which gives life to the miracle, demonstrating the differences and peculiarities of the terrain of the zone to its guests.

The Caveau of Barolo

In the eighteenth-century wineries, the Caveau of Cerequio arises, fresh and silent, a memory of the great crus of Barolo, a place of culture for future generations. Here is the history of Michele Chiarlo: over half a century of Barolo vintages, from 1958 till now, in a collection in excess of 6,000 bottles in various formats. An emotion which can be sampled through tastings from bottles over fifty years old.

Inside the Caveau di Cerequio, precious documents are preserved: the celebrated viticultural and oenological Monograph of the province of Cuneo, a volume written by Lorenzo Fantini in 1879, and the village bell, portrayed by the painter Giancarlo Ferraris on the labels of the eponymous cru.

Vertigo Tasting

In addition to the oenological history preserved in the Caveau, the Palás Cerequio proposal includes Vertigo, a service which makes it possible to create vertical and horizontal tastings of over 400 labels from the nine major crus of Barolo to which the suites are dedicated: Brunate, Bussia, Cannubi, Cerequio, Ginestra, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Rocche di Castiglione, Vigna Rionda and Villero.