Art Park La Court: experience the best crus in Piemonte

Art Park La Court: experience the best crus in Piemonte

To visit the Art Park La Court on one’s own, Chiarlo has created an App for Android and iOS. A completely free interactive audio guide, with a wealth of information and images. Download the App LA COURT AUDIOGUIDE.
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The Tenuta La Court is in found within one of the 6 core zones which comprise the fiftieth UNESCO site in Italy: The Viticultural landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, were declared World Heritage Sites in 2014.

At Castelnuovo Calcea, on the hills of the La Court estate, heart of the cru from which are born the greatest Barberas, rises the Art Park La Court. Twenty hectares of vineyards, three farmhouses, two hills: the largest open-air museum in a vineyard, a monument continually updated where art, landscape and wine communicate without interruption, offering visitors one of the most unique land art experiences of the oenological panorama.

The landscaped scenery was designed by the great Emanuele Luzzati who, in this place, left a legacy of his sculptures, arranged along a fairytale itinerary dedicated to the elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire:

Alongside the sculptures by Luzzati, the park is punctuated by artists of international fame, among whom the works of Ugo Nespolo, Giancarlo Ferraris and Chris Bangle stand out. Immaginitive and iconic pieces that immerse the passerby in archaic and fantastic atmospheres, reasoning on the relationship and harmony between man and nature, creating meditative spaces and observation points. 

The association “Orme su La Court”, the events, the archive

The Art Park La Court is a living cultural centre. Open to the region and to the world, through its association – O.R.M.E. – each year, it promotes and supports a rich calendar of events, exhibitions and cultural events dedicated to the personalities of Piedmont and Italy who have left their mark on the history, culture and custom of society. A permanent archive in the park, which can be visited, has been dedicated to them: Footprints, histories and memories of Piedmont.

10 harvest at La Court (1997 – 2007)

To link La Court and photography, we decided to create project which was truly special. For ten years, beginning in 1997 and with the exception of 2002 when the adverse climate conditions prevented both the documenting and the harvest of La Court, Michele Chiarlo assigned a photographer to record the history of the harvest in the park These images have given life to a permanent exhibition, a unique, one of a kind photographic museum: an account of the work and toil in the vineyard, the seasons, the customs and the men portrayed during the key moment of wine culture.