The Chiarlo's Team

  • Michele Chiarlo

    Corporate roleOwner

    The things i likeTravelling - jazz - Pinot Noir of Burgundy – Toro (Turin football club)

  • Giuseppina Ghiazza

    Corporate roleOwner

    The things i likeHer grandchildren - travelling - walking – music

  • Stefano Chiarlo

    Corporate roleOwner, oenologist and vineyard manager

    The things i likeToro (Turin football club) - great hostelries - skiing - the sea

  • Alberto Chiarlo

    Corporate roleOwner, marketing and sales director

    The things i likeBooks - Rock - Toro (Turin football club) - Pinot Noir

  • Adam Verona

    Corporate roleGlobal Export Sales Director

    The things i likeSpending time with family - listening and playing music - being near the ocean

  • Adriana Mariani

    Corporate roleProduction secretary

    The things i likeMusic – the sea - dancing - Barbera

  • Edmondo Solaini

    Corporate roleAdministrative director

    The things i likeMotorcycling, dogs, the mountains and Toro (Turin football club)

  • Annamaria Serafino

    Corporate roleForeign marketing secretary

    The things i likeHer son Amedeo - walking - reading - eggs with truffles

  • Marina Daniele

    Corporate roleAdministrative assistant

    The things i likeWalking, cooking, Italian music, the sea

  • Elena Blengio

    Corporate roleMarketing secretary

    The things i likeHiking - reading – mountain climbing – Latin-American dancing

  • Gianni Meleni

    Corporate roleOenologist

    The things i likeAthena, Diana, Bacchus, Venus

  • Loredana Berta

    Corporate roleForeign Marketing Secretary

    The things i likeHer children - walking - gardening - the sea

  • Francesco Chiaramello

    Corporate roleSales for Italy

    The things i likeGastronomy, archeology, nature

  • Alberto Colla

    Corporate roleSales for Italy

    The things i likeGood food, good wine, good company

  • Simone Colasuono

    Corporate roleHospitality / International sales

    The things i likeWine, traveling and drawing

  • Gabriella Cuttica

    Corporate roleHospitality

    The things i likeExploring, being creative, animals

  • Roberto Stroppiana

    Corporate roleSommelier & Manager at Palás Cerequio

    The things i likeMy family - My job - Torino Football Team - Barolo wine