Situated between the municipal districts of La Morra and Barolo, Cerequio is considered one the most prestigious crus of Barolo. A magnificent amphitheatre of vineyards where the soils, exposure and microclimate come together to create exceptional Barolos. «Choicest position», as described in 1880 by Lorenzo Fantini, author of the first monography about viticulture in the province of Cuneo, it was included among the «Top Category» crus by Renato Ratti, in the celebrated Mappa del Barolo published in 1965, the basis of today’s classification in MGA, or Additional Geographical Definitions, which designates this area as having “absolute prestige».

Due to its geographical position, protected from the winds, Cerequio has come to be called the «Riviera of the Langhe». Here Michele Chiarlo manages nine hectares of vineyards in Nebbiolo da Barolo, about 6 of which were acquired in 1988 from an estate which had been cultivating them for over two centuries without interruption.

From the oldest parcel (1972) and the smallest (0.9 Ha), we are only able to achieve the Barolo Cerequio Riserva in exceptional years, a very small and exclusive eonological gem. Lastly, from among the rows arises, Palás Cerequio by Michele Chiarlo, the first relais dedicated to the crus of Barolo, created from the restoration of a noble eighteenth century palace.

Grape variety:Nebbiolo

Municipality:Barolo and La Morra

Extension:9 Ha

Exposure:South, south-west

Altitude:320 m s.l.m.

Year planted:1972-1990

Soil:The soils of Cerequio are among the most ancient in Langhe. Formed during the Tortanian period (approx. 9 million years ago) it is composed calcareous clay marl of sedimentary marine origine, it is characterised by a basic pH, poor in organic matter, but rich in microelements such as magnesium and manganese Resulting in wines of great balance and character: austere, structured and elegant, in harmony between finesse and aromatic fragrance

Sustainability and care for the land:The Cerequio Cru is part of the V.I.V.A. "Sustainable Wine" project which Michele Chiarlo has adopted to improve and monitor its own environmental impact and sustainability across the entire chain

Core Zone Unesco:The Cerequio Cru is in located within one of the 6 core zones which comprise the fiftieth UNESCO site in Italy: The Viticultural landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, were declared World Heritage Sites in 2014.

Cerequio Cru