Barolo Cerequio 2016 and Barbaresco Faset 2017, here is Michele Chiarlo Wine Club’s new lot

Barolo Cerequio 2016 and Barbaresco Faset 2017, here is Michele Chiarlo Wine Club’s new lot

The new lot by Michele Chiarlo Wine Club is dedicated to the latest vintages of Barolo Cerequio (2016) and Barbaresco Faset (2017), recently introduced at a preview.

Michele Chiarlo has recently offered a preview of the latest vintages of Barolo and Barbaresco through the webinar ANTEPRIMA BAROLO E BARBARESCO: the first of a series of “digital meetings” which, together with the best Italian and international sommeliers, has presented the characteristics of the new labels in relation to the production and the crus of this winery from Calamandrana (>>> See the dates and discover more about the webinars).

For this occasion, Michele Chiarlo Wine Club offers its members the possibility to purchase some of the labels that have been “narrated” during the preview. These are Barolo Cerequio 2016 and Barbaresco Faset 2017, two prestigious crus, made with Nebbiolo grapes, respectively originating from western and eastern Langhe.

Cerequio, one of the most famous Barolo crus, is considered as the “Langhe Riviera”. A “prime” location, as the acclaimed ampelographer Lorenzo Fantini wrote in the 19th century: an amphitheatre of vineyards that stretches around the village of the same name, running along two distinct sides, one facing southwest and the other facing southeast. Although grape quality is excellent on both sides, the one facing southwest has a better exposure: here, the vineyards of Michele Chiarlo that yield the homonymous Barolo can be found (>>> Read our entry on Cerequio).

On the other hand, Faset is in the Barbaresco denomination, a steep and sunny vineyard located on the highest part of a hill overlooking the Tanaro River to the west and the medieval town of Barbaresco to the northeast (>>>Read our entry on Faset).

While Cerequio embodies the classic austerity of Nebbiolo grapes with its Barolo wines, thanks to a perfect mix of marl, sand and silt, the grey limestone soil of Faset represents the elegant and fragrant soul of the same grape variety, yielding Barbaresco wines with rare finesse.


  • n.1 bottle of Barolo Docg Cerequio 2016
  • n.1 bottle of Barbaresco Docg Faset 2017

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