Quorum, the new lot by Michele Chiarlo Wine Club

Quorum, the new lot by Michele Chiarlo Wine Club

Vino Quorum michele chiarlo

The new lot by Michele Chiarlo Wine Club is dedicated to Quorum: a special wine, rare, deeply connected to the territory

Chiarlo, Berta, Braida, Coppo, Prunotto, Vietti.

Quorum is a Barbera d’Asti born thanks to the will of five historical Piedmont wineries and a distillery to connect to the historical memory of the Asti area a unique and rare wine, to which a grappa of the same name has been linked. To carry out this project, an association has been created, Hastae: from the ancient Roman name of the city of Asti – universally acknowledged as a place, symbol of wine – which has focused the symbol of the common commitment to the development of the most important and identifying wine of this territory on Quorum.

Quorum is born from the conferral and processing of the best Barbera grapes that each family has produced in their own vineyard. 

A wine made with 100% Barbera grapes, aged in small, new French oak barrels for ten months. After its assembly, the wine is bottled without undergoing any filtering process and is left to age in bottle for many years. The first vintage of Quorum was in 1997, and it was put up for sale in spring 2000.

  • n.1 75 cl bottle of Quorum 1999 vintage

An exceptional vintage, characterized by intense temperature ranges which have facilitated the perfect maturation of the grapes and enhanced its aromas. Barbera grape varieties that have gained considerable structure, complexity and smoothness. Quorum 1999, a wine with an intense flavour, with sweet enveloping tannins and a marked acidity, typical of the Barbera; a game of contrasts with a long aftertaste.

  • n.1 75 cl bottle of Quorum 2001 vintage

An extraordinary vintage, especially for red wines, which – over time – have turned out to be of an exceptional level. The weather has been generally dry, with high temperatures and great ranges. Harvest has been carried out according to traditional times and the harvested grapes have been perfectly healthy, particularly the Barbera. Quorum 2001 is a wine of great structure, mellow, smooth and deep. With palpable strength and a lengthy and fruity progression, with a very long finish.Vino Quorum michele chiarlo



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