Nizza DOCG: Stefano Chiarlo Confirmed as President

Nizza DOCG: Stefano Chiarlo Confirmed as President

In the recent re-election held on May 20th, Stefano Chiarlo secured another three-year term as President of the Associazione Produttori del Nizza.

For the Chiarlo family, the connection to the Nizza denomination runs deep; nestled in Castelnuovo Calcea, the cru La Court – also home to the visionary Art Park La Court – yields our flagship Nizza and Barbera wines.

The agenda for the upcoming term will stay true to the association’s past endeavors: to fortify the consistent growth achieved while upholding top-notch quality standards and maintaining prices befitting a prestigious denomination. The vision includes obtaining Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive and drawing in more high-end producers, fostering investments in Nizza to preserve the association’s hallmark impact and cohesion. Presently, the association boasts 89 members.

A robust promotional strategy remains pivotal for amplifying the denomination’s visibility, both domestically and across key global markets.

Stefano comments:“This responsibility is significant, and I’m thankful for the trust bestowed upon me. With the appellation hitting the milestone of one million bottles produced last year, we’re poised to devise fresh communication strategies for this Monferrato gem, which has captured the attention of discerning consumers.”