Art in the bottle and a bottle of Art: here is the 19th lot by Michele Chiarlo Wine Club

Art in the bottle and a bottle of Art: here is the 19th lot by Michele Chiarlo Wine Club

Ugo Nespolo Vigna Veja Etichetta

Some wines inspire encounters, while others are the most authentic fruits of such meetings.

La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva 2016 falls into the latter. This label was born out of the encounter of two “artists” from different fields: winemaker Michele Chiarlo and Ugo Nespolo, the greatest exponent of Italian Pop Art. The bond was forged in an equally inspiring vineyard, Tenuta La Court, where the Art Park La Court can be found: an open-air museum among the vineyards founded by Michele Chiarlo in Castelnuovo Calcea, in 2003.

La Porta Sulle Colline di Ugo Nespolo (photo by Omar Pistamiglio)

La Porta Sulle Colline di Ugo Nespolo

After holding an exhibit there, Ugo Nespolo fell in love with the place and the extraordinary wines it produces. Together, they came up with two astounding ideas: Nespolo would embellish the Art Park La Court with one of his works, Porta Sulle Colline (installed in 2013 and still visible today); while Michele Chiarlo would produce a special and rare Riserva, a bottle of Nizza Docg vinified using grapes from an old vineyard («Vigna Veja», in Piedmontese dialect) and aged for 4 years, of which 2 spent in wooden barrels. The creation of the label for La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva 2016 was entrusted to Nespolo, who sealed the friendship and the quality of Michele Chiarlo’s Nizza Docg with a design dedicated to Tenuta La Court. AN EXCEPTIONAL VINTAGE

Michele Chiarlo Wine Club’s new lot exclusively offers its members the chance to purchase the authentic  fruit of the encounter between Michele Chiarlo and Ugo Nespolo: La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva 2016. Vigna Veja is made only in the best vintages, in a very limited number of bottles, about 3,000.

Barbera d'Asti Superiore Nizza DOCG La Court Vigna Veja The vintage is 2016, an extraordinarily remarkable year . The mild climate of spring favored a slow ripening of the grapes, which reached perfect maturation in time for harvest. An «exceptional» season that yielded an intense, elegant and complex La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva 2016 endowed with potential for a very long aging. A «velvety harmony of small black fruits», as enologist Stefano Chiarlo wrote in the tasting notes, «with a very long and persistent finish». A SIGNATURE LABEL The bottles of La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva 2016 are enclosed in an elegant wooden box with a transparent plexiglass lid that highlights the wonderful label created by Ugo Nespolo for this special Riserva.



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