Fornaci: The Return of the Long-Lived Gavi

Fornaci: The Return of the Long-Lived Gavi

Some wines are talked about even when they are not made anymore. 

This is the case of Gavi Fornaci, which was produced from 1988 until 2012 – at least so far. 

This legendary Gavi obtained Gambero Rosso’s coveted Tre Bicchieri award in 1998: the first of its kind to deserve such recognition. Yet, the prize was not won by the latest vintage available, but by the one produced in 1988.

A special feature entitled «I tre bicchieri mai dati» (lit. “The Unawarded Tre Bicchieri”) was written to give justice to an extraordinary label that was belatedly acknowledged as such.

Michele Chiarlo brings back a truly unique Gavi Fornaci with the 2019 vintage. The wine was highly demanded by friends and clients thanks to its peculiar sip and its extraordinary evolution.

Fornaci is a single vineyard wine made from 100% Cortese grapes grown in one of the most historic and suitable areas of the Gavi denomination: a majestic ridge that rises from the hamlet of Rovereto, situated in the town of Gavi, and continues towards Tassarolo. The rows grow on soils made up of pebbly dark marl that is rich in iron and enjoy a southeastern exposure. The clone planted is also a unique one: an ungrafted pre-phylloxera clone that Chiarlo reproduced from mass selections from the early 20th century.

Everything in Fornaci points to a Gavi destined for longevity. Attentive selection and intensive thinning are performed in the vineyard in order to obtain excellent fruit and ensure quality. The process continues in the cellar: the wine ages partly in stainless steel and partly in French oak barrels for three years, an unusual duration for a Piedmontese white wine.

This is how one of the most peculiar Gavi wines of the denomination comes to life. The mouth unveils hints of acacia honey and citrus, as well as notes of candied fruit and white flowers. The wine reveals a highly elegant mineral note that finishes with a surprising, yet always balanced, flavor.

A rare, unique and incomparable Gavi that can withstand time to find its perfect evolution.