Beauty is landscape, wonder is everyday.

Beauty is landscape, wonder is everyday.

We live in one of the most evocative areas in the world, where beauty is in the landscape, wonder is an everyday occurrence and uniqueness is the stylistic hallmark of our wines.

Aware of this, Michele Chiarlo has launched a pioneering fellowship between wine and art, in search of a interdisciplinary and enriching experience where taste encounters the aesthetic, the land becomes art, hospitality becomes immersion and experience. The cultural events which mark the life of our winery create a community and spread the culture of the UNESCO World Heritage Site hillsides.

The labels of Ferraris

The encounter with art flourishes through the labels that master Giancarlo Ferraris has designed for Michele Chiarlo since the mid-1980s. An encounter and a friendship which, through the continued exchange between painting and oenology, will give life to a profound renewal of the classic labelling, creating true and proper icons of the world of wine. From the architectural stylisation of the bell tower in Cerequio, to the ethereal abstraction of the features in the landscape of Gavi. From the hut of Cannubi to the “mythical element” of the Cipressi de La Court, the labels of Giancarlo Ferraris are “glimmers of light […] on the obscure depths of the wine». (Under the sign of the orange rows, Semidivite, 2001, pp. 11-13)

Art Park La Court

L’Art Park La Court is one of the first Italian examples of land art among the vineyards. In place since 2003, on twenty hectares of one of the most prestigious vineyards of the Barbera d’Asti crus, the park is an open-air museum which gives witness to the inextricable symbiosis between art, land, and wine culture. Today La Court park is a temple of wine which gathers together the work and sculptures of internationally renowned artists, from Ugo Nespolo to Emanuele Luzzati to Chris Bangle, organised in an immersive and fairytale, artistic path, in the background of breathtaking landscapes. The park is a living cultural centre, open to the region and to the world, which each year promotes a rich calendar of events.


Images, wine and landscape have always fascinated Michele Chiarlo who, over the years, has created one of the richest photographic archives about the work in the vineyards of Piedmont. Through the project «10 harvests at La Court», for ten years nationally and internationally renowned photographers have documented the grape harvest in one of the most evocative estates in Monferrato, the production site and natural scenery of Art Park La Court, where the images have been collected in a permanent exhibition.


Giancarlo Ferraris, a painter forever connected to Michele Chiarlo and creator of his most celebrated labels, has realised nine “Grandi Tondi” for the Relais Palas Cerequio. Each of this paintings is dedicated to one of the nine major Barolo crus to which the artworks are dedicated: Brunate, Bussia, Cannubi, Cerequio, Ginestra, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Rocche di Castiglione, Vigna Rionda and Villero.


In 2008, Michele Chiarlo started a series of books dedicated to Piedmont and wine: the art, the culture and the traditions of a land in which the marriage between the vine and life is the most fascinating story to tell.

Cultural events

Wine is something more. Always. Each year, Michele Chiarlo promotes and supports dozens of events related to the arts – music, literature, painting and sculpture – oenology, solidarity and environmental sustainability. Because making wine means creating a network of people across the territory, taking care of it and sharing in its beauty, promoting the culture in all its forms and having a good time with levity.