The Importance of Being «Cipressi»

The Importance of Being «Cipressi»

It’s official. Michele Chiarlo’s Cipressi Nizza DOCG 2021 has been awarded with the Tre Bicchieri, the highest recognition granted by the most important Italian wine guide, Gambero Rosso.  

After climbing global rankings and reaching the first spot of Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 in 2018 (and still garner acclaim among international critics), this extraordinary label now adds the «gold medal» of Italian wines, solidifying its position as one of the best red wines of Piedmont.  

We wanted to celebrate this milestone with an incredibly special lot entirely dedicated to the 2021 vintage, exclusively for Wine Club members. Members who will avail of the offer (and for a limited time only) have the chance to order six bottles of Cipressi Nizza DOCG 2021. 


From the heart of Tenuta La Court, one of the most famous and spectacular vineyards in Monferrato, comes a lively and authentic Nizza DOCG: the icon of a challenging yet magnificent season. The varying climatic trend – featuring early vegetative development, late frosts and extended periods of drought – tested the Barbera vines, which revealed remarkable resilience, proving yet again that carefully chosen locations (like La Court) can bring out their best in the midst of adversity. Shaped by the fluctuating temperatures, an exciting, full and enveloping Nizza comes to life, one that can express the essence of the Barbera grapes, unveiling a body smoothened by fine tannins.  

A bottle to purchase now, to savor at the peak of its expressiveness. 


  • no.6 bottles CIPRESSI NIZZA DOCG 2021 (75 cl)



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