From Nizza with Love

From Nizza with Love

This Valentine’s Day, gift your special someone a tour at Michele Chiarlo winery.

An exclusive treat for Wine Club members. You can avail of a discount to purchase a gift voucher good for two for BARBERE & NIZZA, an experience that includes a winery tour and guided tasting of wine masterpieces from Asti: Barbera d’Asti Docg and Nizza Docg, iconic productions of Michele Chiarlo.

Get your voucher by 13 February 2023 at a discounted price and take your time in organizing your winery tour in detail: you have until 31 October 2023 to enjoy the experience.


The Barbera grape is the heart of the outstanding wines from Asti: Barbera d’Asti and Nizza, which yield some of their most extraordinary expressions among the vineyards of Michele Chiarlo.

BARBERE & NIZZA will open the doors to Michele Chiarlo winery and allow you to capture the incredible richness of this extraordinary variety through a special tasting. Five glasses filled with five different expressions: from the freshest and most lively Barbera d’Asti – such as Barbera d’Asti Docg Palás – to the exceptional Nizza for meditation – especially the extremely elegant and incredibly long-lived Nizza Docg Riserva La Court.


The voucher holder is entitled to:

1) Visit to Michele Chiarlo winery;

2) Guided tasting of 5 wines: Barbera d’Asti Docg Palás; Barbera d’Asti Docg Le Orme; Nizza Docg Cipressi; Nizza Docg Montemareto; Nizza Docg Riserva La Court.

Lot price € 70.00, 10 euro discount –> € 60.00


What is Michele Chiarlo Wine Club?

Real privilege is where passion finds the right space. We consider our Wine Club as a way to gratify the people who have always supported our winery and its efforts in putting the quality of the products together with the beauty of the territory, in a constant pursuit of excellence which is the foundation of our idea of winemaking. But it is also an opportunity for those who have recently discovered our winery and want to share with us the experience of living in one of the most renowned and highly appreciated wine regions in the world.

How does Michele Chiarlo Wine Club work?

To receive exclusive offers from our Wine Club, you will just need to sign up to our newsletter. Every month, special lots will be presented: extremely rare bottles, great vintages, limited editions or tickets for exclusive events or dinner with the producer. Our offers, available only for specific periods and in limited quantities, will be sent exclusively to our members, giving them the chance to make their reservation by filling up a designated form. Loyalty to the Wine Club and active participation will be greatly rewarded: more exclusive services, rewards and selected and customized gifts will be made available.