Crus and Art, a signed series – La Court Vigna Veja and Giancarlo Ferraris

Crus and Art, a signed series – La Court Vigna Veja and Giancarlo Ferraris

Art and wine: For decades, Michele Chiarlo has believed in the close bond that unites these two artisanal expressions of human creativity. To Michele, a wine bottle should be akin to a masterpiece in a gallery—a delight for the eyes as well as a prelude to a pleasure for the palate.

Since the 1980s, our partnership with Giancarlo Ferraris has brought this vision to life. As a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, engraver, and teacher, Ferraris has lent his creativity to many of our wine labels over the years, while also contributing to the establishment of the Art Park La Court.

To celebrate this collaboration, we are delighted to present Wine Club members with the first of 6 exclusive lots (released between 2024 and 2025) that will pair our most iconic crus with limited edition screen prints—each one signed and numbered by Giancarlo Ferraris.

With this lot, you will receive the 2019 vintage of our La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva, one of Michele Chiarlo’s Icon Crus, wines produced only in exceptional vintages in a limited number of bottles and sold only by allocation.

The 2019 Vintage

The season began with abundant autumn rains and moderate snowfall; the winter was dry until February, followed by balancing rains in April and May. May and June were warm and dry, with brief periods of above-average temperatures. Significant rain in July favored ripening, and the harvest took place on September 28th in the canonical times of a classic vintage, low in quantity but exceptional and rare in quality. La Court Vigna Veja promises remarkable complexity and over 15 years of longevity.


  • n. 3 bottles of La Court Vigna Veja Nizza DOCG Riserva 2019 (75 cl)
  • n. 1 screen print by Giancarlo Ferraris titled “La Court” (cm. 25 x 25)
    limited edition 1-70, numbered and signed by the artist


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