Michele Chiarlo, a Winemaker’s Tale: Presented at Vinitaly the new issue of C.R.U magazine

Michele Chiarlo, a Winemaker’s Tale: Presented at Vinitaly the new issue of C.R.U magazine

We’ve just unveiled something special in Verona: the third issue of our company magazine, C.R.U, celebrating the life of our visionary Michele, just a few months after his passing.

This issue is packed: it’s filled with stories, emotions, laughter, but also with news and growth, always keeping an eye on the future, just as Michele would have wanted.

Take a look inside: in the meantime, here’s the editorial from the Chiarlo family.


Dear friends, C.R.U was born from a profound belief: that the world of wine is upheld by custodians – Custodi di Radici e Umanità who, year after year, safeguard, through their dedication, the essence of our most cherished fruit. 

This year, we mourn the loss of one custodian, our dear Michele. In tribute to his enduring legacy in the world of wine, this third issue of C.R.U is dedicated to him. 

We’ll honor Michele profound impact through the voices of those fortunate enough to share his extraordinary vision – Giancarlo Voglino, Ugo Nespolo, Antonio Zaccheo, Giancarlo Ferraris, Robert “Bob” DeRoose – artists, vintners, agronomists, importers, each contributing a piece of their lives and memories. 

But Michele wouldn’t have wanted the spotlight solely on himself. As always happened in a conversation with him, within these pages, you’ll find not only tales of his legacy but also art, culture, and, of course, plenty of wine. 

We’ll take you on a journey through our latest cellar offerings, from the new, iconic Barbaresco DOCG Riserva, Montestefano – embodying the essence of its namesake cru, the epitome of “Barolo-ness” within its denomination – to the unveiling of the “Nespolo & Chiarlo: since 2013, Art in the Vineyard” exhibition, set to grace the latter half of 2024. You’ll also get an exclusive sneak peek at the Cannubi Path, a dream project of Michele’s, opening this summer, and the exciting updates at Palás Cerequio, boasting a panoramic Sky Bar amidst the vineyards, and a new lounge.

And then there’s Nivole and the craft cocktails of the Nivolistas, a tribute to the excellence of many illustrious names of Piemonte… and the rest, well, that’s for you to uncover.

To Michele!