Chef Francesco Oberto arrives at Palás Cerequio

Chef Francesco Oberto arrives at Palás Cerequio

Francesco Oberto

Among the new features for the reopening of Palás, the arrival of Francesco Oberto, a well-known Piedmontese Michelin-starred chef, stands out.


Palás Cerequio, a charming relais located in La Morra, in the heart of one of the most famous crus of Barolo, officially reopens with a new feature: a gourmet bistrot led by chef Francesco Oberto. The facility, owned by the historical Michele Chiarlo winery, not only offers its guests a rich experience, but also a sublime gastronomic adventure.

Palás Cerequio, born ten years ago following the renovation of an ancient noble palace located within the Cerequio cru at the behest of the Chiarlo family, is relaunching and has chosen the young Francesco Oberto as its new chef.

“When the opportunity has arisen, we haven’t had any doubt – says Stefano Chiarlo – Francesco is a talented young man and we are sure that he will be able to bring a great added value to Palàs’ restaurant. The relais was built to offer the unique experience of staying immersed among the vineyards of Cerequio; being able to combine this experience with top-level dining will allow guests to immerse themselves even more in the Langhe and in the world of Piedmont wine, savoring every moment with calm and sensibility”.

Chef Oberto brings with him dishes with an unmistakable style, traditional recipes with a modern twist. Not only that: the great dishes of Piedmont meet fish, which arrives fresh every day from the coasts of Liguria. The excellences of the Langhe come together with new ingredients to create highly balanced dishes, which keep a strong traditional identity while showing a glimpse of innovation.

The journey of Francesco Oberto, from being a self-taught cook to becoming a Michelin-starred chef, has been a continuous adventure balanced between responsibilities and, at the same time, accomplishments. First, his experience at Pollenzo, then, at a trattoria in Bra and finally obtaining the Michelin star in his restaurant in Cherasco.

The chef, who will keep his Michelin star at his “Da Francesco” restaurant in Cherasco for the meantime, will now take care of all the gourmet excellences served at Palás, from the dishes at the Bistrò Gourmet to the Piedmontese tapas for the Apericrus.

The bistrot “Da Francesco al Palás” will be open every day for lunch and dinner to welcome guests at the elegant tables overlooking the vineyards, covered by a wonderful pergola of intertwined vines (tòpia in Piedmontese dialect) that provides shade during the brightest days.

The new features set for the reopening do not only include the arrival of chef Francesco Oberto: “Summer season at Palás has never been this full of various experiences – says Roberto Stroppiana, director of Palás Cerequio. – Until August 31, the recently expanded swimming pool will also be open to external guests”. Thanks to Summer Palás, upon reservation everyone can avail an exclusive package that includes a whole-day access to the pool, lunch or dinner prepared by chef Oberto and tasting of wines from Michele Chiarlo winery.

To round off the experience is the Apericru. The perfect chance to simply and closely taste the most important denominations of Piedmont: Barolo and Barbaresco wines selected from the collection of Palás Cerequio and the cellars of Michele Chiarlo. Apericrus are available at any time of the day and can be served on the lovely terrace of Palás, by the pool or at the Caveau.

Palás Cerequio can be the perfect place to spend the hot summer days and not only that: completely immersed in nature, with large outdoor spaces, it is fully equipped with all amenities and ensures to provide convenience and all safety measures required at the present time.

Palás Cerequio

A charming relais and the ideal starting place to discover the Langhe, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Palás Cerequio has nine elegant suites; four are dedicated to the Past and recall the architecture of Eighteenth-century noble houses in Piedmont; while the other five are dedicated to the Future and have been designed with a minimal and contemporary style.