Tradition is a consolidated innovation.

Tradition is a consolidated innovation.

If tradition is a consolidated innovation, Michele Chiarlo can full be considered a «traditional» reality.

Traditional, because we have always aimed to promote the great terroirs of Langhe and Monferrato, using only indigenous grape varieties, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Cortese and Moscato grown exclusively in the hills, which are the authentic expression and symbol of this land and the ancient wine culture of these places.

Large oak casks

Large oak casks (photo by Exploria)

Traditional, because we only vinify grapes sourced from our own vineyards, or under our management, situated in the most historic and prestigious areas of the Langhe and Monferrato, and which long years of experience have allowed us to select and know, vine by vine.

Traditional, because we have chosen the centrality of work in the vineyard, origin of the uniqueness of a wine, to which we dedicate the strictest attention, in full respect for the environment and sustainability of our work. Everything operation in the vineyards is performed manually, from fertilisation to the green work, up to thinning and the harvest.

Medium size oak casks

Medium size oak casks (photo by Exploria)

Traditional, because we only vinify wines in purity, without assemblages, searching to capture the character, the expression of personality, the goût de terroir.

Traditional, because we are a family. For four generations, we have lived the world of wine as a passion and destiny: a suitcase of experiences which, passed down from father to son, today translates into a wealth of living and active knowledge, ready to understand and confront future challenges.

Traditional, because we are not afraid of innovation. On the contrary, we know how to because we have always had the deepest respect, consideration and regard for the tradition and search for the varietal authenticity of our wines, characteristics at the heart of our hills, the beauty of the landscapes, the strength of our oenology and its uniqueness in the global market.

Tonneaux Barolo Cerequio

Tonneaux Barolo Cerequio (photo by Exploria)

Wine and community

Acting together. This is the ethical and commercial choice which has always characterised our history and which, in the long term, has proved one of the most effective instruments for promoting the wines, the tradition and the land. A spirit of sharing and unity which has seen us working on all fronts. Historic founders of the Consorzio Grandi Vini; founding members of the Associazione Hastae for the promotion of the Barbera grape variety; first members of the Accademia del Barolo; first supporters of the Associazione Produttori del Nizza in a long battle to obtain the designation «Nizza Docg»; selected members of the extraordinary group Grandi Marchi. In addition to these institutional undertakings are the daily efforts of sponsorisation, promotion and management of specialist, literary and artistic events in the region, a sign of the deep love which bonds the family to the human and cultural heritage of the Piedmont hills.

Wooden fermentation vats

Wooden fermentation vats (photo by Exploria)