For us, Pop is the spirit of sharing.

For us, Pop is the spirit of sharing.

Michele Chiarlo is sharing, tenderness, the pleasure of enjoying wine in total freedom.

Far from museums: for us, wine is not everything, rather it is a new paradigm of taste and sharing, a new way to see things and enjoy the world.

An atmosphere, a living and vital space, a place where the winery opens up to the community, where everyone is invited. An Italian trait, a lifestyle: at any time, for any occasion, we know that a great bottle can surprise you for its ability to be remembered, for the emotion that arouses, the desire to bring conviviality back to the center, not exclusivity.

This is the Pop that we like. The fairytale and childlike trait of Emanuele Luzzati, the playful icons of Ugo Nespolo, the link with video art. The playful and social side of Chris Bangle. The eternal power of Giancarlo Ferraris, his labels, his Posters, the footprints dedicated to those Piedmontese who have left their mark.

Cipressi: the first Nizza Pop

Born in 2014, the Nizza D.O.C.G. is the super Barbera d’Asti produced in a limited area of Monferrato, recognised as the summit of the designations of the Barbera grape variety. Our Nizza Docg Cipressi comes from the vineyards of the Tenuta La Court in Castelnuovo Calcea to express the quintessence of Barbera: an anthem to the places we love most. A jewel of taste and territoriality, which we wanted to make accessible to everyone, the result of being remarkably pleasant and extremely easy to drink. If you truly love wine, you will want to share it.